About the Author

I was born in Washington DC and grew up mostly in Ohio. My father was, among other things, an avid reader, especially of science fiction. I can remember the stacks of Analog Science Fact and Fiction magazines in the cupboards. Early on he would sift out the best of the stories and pass them on to me.

I grew up in a pretty conventional house hold with my two sisters and brother, mother and father. For most of my childhood my grandfather lived with us as well. Summers were spent with my grandmother on her farm in West Virginia where I got to visit and play with my hoards of cousins.

I went to Ohio State University studying engineering, graduated, married my high school girlfriend, worked in a research lab in Kent, Ohio and started raising a family.

In 1988 I was recruited to Hendersonville, North Carolina to start a research lab for a small company. It was here our three boys grew up in the small town atmosphere before they went on to the school of science and math in Durham and then off to college and jobs. To deal with the empty nest syndrome my wife, Jen, opened the chocolate and ice cream shop on Main Street.

The job was great, taking me all over the world on various research and development and business projects. I currently run my own engineering and development company called Shining Rock Technologies.

I was elected to two terms on the School board and currently serve on the boards of Blue Ridge Community College and the Mountain Community School.

Over the years my family has been involved in many local projects including baking the world's largest cookie ( chocolate chip, 100 feet in diameter) and hosting the Olympic swim team from New Zealand for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta.

The Middle of the Air is my first novel and is intended to be the first of a trilogy about the Colebrook family. At this writing I am about 1/3 of the way through drafting the second novel which has a working title, The Face of the Water.


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